Hi and welcome to Kate’s Short and Sweets! My name is Kate and I’m living in the San Francisco Bay Area with Mr Official Taster. We share our small apartment with two puppies who take up more of our time (and space) than they should. I work as a baker (really! I am still blown away by having this as my official tittle) and Mr. OT spends his days as an artist at a large tech company. And yes, for a blogger, I’m a bit shy, so you won’t see his name in print. And no, I won’t tell you where my bakery is. You’ll just have to make something from my recipe collection!

I started this blog in January 2010 as an extension of my Etsy store of the same name, but it has since become it’s own entity. Many of the recipes here are desserts of one kind or another, but I’ve got some savory food, too. All of my recipes are vegetarian and/or dairy free, most are vegan, and there are some gluten free goodies as well. I’ve tried to tag recipes as such, as well as corn free, soy free, and egg free. I’m not a vegan, but if you are, more power to you (seriously). I have a dairy sensitivity, and most people who are allergic to one thing or another (or like 10 things). Ever since I can remember, my parents, aunts and uncles were making substitutions to feed their allergic offspring until we were old enough to take on the task ourselves, so it’s never felt odd to me to look at a recipe and automatically figure out how to “fix” it. Mr Official Taster is a vegetarian, and since I mostly am too, many dinners here are vegan by default. When we do eat out, and I decide on a non-vegetarian meal, I choose “happy” ones; for me, real Happy Meals include meat raised ethically and sustainably (think: cage-free eggs, grass-fed beef, etc)

I’m always on the prowl for post ideas, so if there’s ever a recipe you’d like me to tackle, please let me know!

I used a Nikon CoolPix point-and-shoot camera from a many moons ago at the beginning, but more recently, I treated myself to a Canon EOS Rebel T3 just in time for our honeymoon, and it’s great. Recipes starting in November 2011 feature pictures taken with it.