When Did Women Started Wearing Kilts

You might think that the kilt was for both men and women because you see many women wearing it nowadays. But that was not the case in the early 18th century, women weren’t allowed to wear kilts. But later some time, women all over the Scotland came together to show love for their country through kilts. Mostly, they wore it to the dance performances in the Highland games. In the early 19th century, their dresses were rather quite long tartan skirts. But as time passed, their dresses changed from long skirts to kilts.

During the 19th century, a debate took place about whether or not a women should wear a kilt and jacket while dancing. Some time later, women started to wear Highland dresses while dancing. This is the time when the Kilted skirt started to gain popularity among different women. The kilted skirt is very similar to men’s kilts, they have the same length and style.

On the other hand, the apron of the kilted skirt or womens kilts was very similar to that of mens kilts. The seam is on the right side just like on mens kilts. However, this isn’t the case nowadays, the womens kilts have it on the left side. Women look great in kilts and nowadays there are thousands of shops and online businesses where you can purchase great quality kilts for women. Kilt shows equality between men and women. You might ask HOW? Well, the entire design of kilt is based upon a women skirt and that shows the equality between two genders.

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