A Guide To Kilt Pins

Kilt Pins is basically a type of jewelry that is specifically used with kilts. The purpose of having a kilt pin is to stop the apron from falling. You must be wondering about how does a tiny piece of jewelry can stop an apron from falling? Well, the answer is very simple and it is by putting in weight. A common myth about these pins is that people think that they are used to pin up the outer layer with the inner layer of the apron.

Most people that wear kilt with kilt pins often choose the pin that represents their clan through various symbols, such as; animals, plants or national emblems. However, there are also another category of kilt pins that are used to represent ones personal interests. They can be customized in any way the buyer wants.

History of Kilt Pins

There are many stories that tell different tales about how the Kilt Pins came into existance. Most of these stories cannot be verified but they do offer some interesting stories that might interest those that are into Scottish History.

The Kilt Pin came into existance during the era of Queen Victoria’s and you must be wondering why? Well, the Queen didn’t liked the flapping of the kilt’s apron that showed a little too much under the legs so they came up with pins to help stop the kilt’s flapping. There was this one time, when the Queen actually gave her personal brooch to a young soldier that was having a hard time adjusting his kilt due to strong winds.

As for Highlanders, the case was a little bit different. They thought that their dresses are a great way to showcase their wealth and riches. So, they started spending money on various accessories and it indeed included the Kilt Pins. The pins became a must-have accessory for their outfits. The also started spending a lot of money on decorating their Kilt Pins with various expensive stones.

Nowadays, Kilt Pins are available in various types and sizes. However, the simplest form of a kilt is a regular safety pin. But if you are going for a more formal look then you should definitely get yourself a decorative Kilt Pin with a stone that matches the color of your kilt.