Sapphire Sparkle

Such a great paint name. Sadly, no, there are no actual sparkles in the paint.

I know these pictures are overdue, but these things happen. Our bedroom only gets natural light in the morning, which makes it a bit challenging to photograph since a) I’m usually at work before the sun rises and b) it’s often cloudy in the mornings here. On the plus side, it makes the room good for afternoon naps.

I started this painting project on Labor Day weekend, and it took until the following weekend to finish up. I didn’t work on it during the week though, so it probably took a total of two long afternoons. The bedroom is obviously still a work in progress, but I know some people (ahem, Mom) are impatient and want to see what’s going on. A short list of things we still want to do/fix:

  • Change the wall plate & outlet covers to a nice crisp white. They are currently beige-y
  • Add crown moulding
  • Make or acquire bedside tables
  • Paint the trim around the doors white. It’s actually metal, which is not something I’ve seen before. In the long term, we’ll probably want to replace them with wood, but paint is a good measure for sooner
  • Hang the smoe & carbon monoxide detectors currently sitting on top of the trunk
  • Closet doors- mine don’t move and Mr Official Taster doesn’t have any. I think he got the better end of the deal!

I’m sure there are some other to-dos I’m forgetting, but we clearly have a ways to go. There are a couple of pieces of art hanging (finally), but they are paintings by Mr OT, and I try and keep his super hero identity privacy protected.

The details: Sapphire Sparkle Behr paint from Home Depot in low-VOC paint+primer.