Creating a Small Space Balcony Container Garden

I mentioned on Tuesday that Mr Official Taster and I created a little balcony garden for ourselves over the weekend. We wanted it to be simple, efficient, and not cost and arm and a leg. I’m happy to say that we succeeded. (Roomba was impossible to keep out of this photo, sorry. She was way too interested in a) staying in the warm sun b) all the new smells and c) all the new tastes. she loves eating dirt. sigh)

We basically created a staircase out of planks of wood and cinderblocks. There are three steps. The lowest is set on top of sideways cinderblocks and the middle step is set on top of vertical cinderblocks. The third and highest shelf is set on top of “legs” made of three cinderblocks stacked sideways. Each step has three supports – one on each end and one in the middle. So for those of you counting at home, that’s 15 total cinderblocks. Each plank is 4 ft long and 1 ft wide. We got everything at Home Depot, and those folks are nice and will cut wood for customers, so we picked a 12 foot long piece of wood and had them cut it in three pieces. That’s it. We have a good sized balcony on our apartment, so this tight configuration means we still have room for more plants (tomatoes coming soon!) and for sitting outside and enjoying it all.

Have you caught the Spring Fever bug? What are you doing about it?