Fun Facts: The First Year

In honor of One Year of Kate’s Short and Sweets, here are some numbers you may or may not find as interesting as I do:

26 – the number of blog followers
48 – total facebook fans
129 – number of total posts
168 – total number of comments on those posts
12 – my average number of posts/month

4144 – number of pageviews
Most of those came from the US, but Canada, the UK, Vietnam, Australia, Japan, France, India, Malaysia, and Russia are also represented.

36 – number of posts tagged “new recipes”
11 – number tagged “chocolate”
9 – number tagged “cake”
3 – total posts tagged “pie”

3 – sets of measuring spoons I have
10 – number of kitchen towels I own and use. What? You think that’s a lot?
10 – cups of flour used to make challah. That is a lot.
2 – number of layers in the picake Official Taster got for his birthday, unless you count pie and cake separately and come up with 4.
1400 – miles OT and I drove on our move from sunny Southern CA to rainy Seattle

4 – days you have left (including today) to enter to win a pound of fudge.